Sep 22, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sociology, AA with Designation

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Additional information available on the Sociology Department website.

Recommended basic skills courses are

Sociology is a systematic study of society which includes people in groups, cultures and subcultures, the socialization process, social organization, social institutions (political, religious, educational, economic, etc.), social stratifications, social change, race and ethnic relations, human ecology, and social problems. As an intellectual discipline, it deals with developing scientific and reliable knowledge about human social relationships in group life. Courses are designed to increase personal awareness of the social environment, to prepare for interpersonal relationships in careers, and to equip students for further studies in sociology.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Sociology program, students should be able to:

  • Identify and explain the three main theoretical perspectives of sociology
  • Apply theoretical perspectives to explain stratification in society
  • Communicative effectively sociological content in a written format
  • Use the tools of sociology to analyze social realities
  • Identify and apply knowledge of key sociological concepts

Content criteria, competencies, and student learning outcomes associated with the general education courses required for this degree can be found on the Colorado Department of Higher Education website.

Full list of requirements can be found at Associate of Arts Degrees, AA .

Written Communication

Six (6) credit hours


Three-four (3-4) credit hours


Three (3) credit hours

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Six (6) credit hours

Natural and Physical Sciences

Eight (8) credit hours

Additional Required Courses

Eighteen (18) credit hours

Please note: if these credits are not required for the major at a receiving four-year institution, they will be applied to the Bachelor’s degree as elective credit towards graduation. Please check with the receiving institution to determine in which way these courses will be applied.


Six-seven (6-7) credit hours selected from the AA approved course list can be found at Approved Electives Course List of AA Degrees and Course of Study .

Please note: Additional SOC courses beyond the 5 courses (15 credit hours) identified above may not count toward the Sociology major at the receiving four-year institution.

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