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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Foreign Language, AA

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Additional information available on the Foreign Language Department website at www.ppcc.edu/degrees-certificates/foreign-languages.

Recommended basic skills standards are

As a PPCC foreign language student, you will be prepared to be a responsible citizen, educated worker and culturally prepared for a world that is based on international partnerships. You will experience classes that are more than lectures because they employ modern learning approaches and techniques. Our innovative and creative instructors will work closely to help each student with language appreciation and acquisition while helping them to master grammatical written work and linguistics.

Students may need to contact a Foreign Language instructor in order to be placed into the correct level of that given language.

Students considering a major in a foreign language should be aware that first-year language courses do not count toward credit-hour requirements for a major or minor in most four-year institutions.

There is a national equivalency test that can be located on the internet. It is the College Level Examination Program, C.L.E.P. It is currently available in French, Spanish and German. This test costs a small amount of money, but it offers the student a chance to test out of the language 111 and 112 courses for up to ten hours of college credit.

1 FOL is a standard course prefix. Each specific foreign language has its own prefix, for example, SPA = Spanish.

Full list of requirements can be found at Associate of Arts Degrees, AA .

Written Communication

Six (6) credit hours

Oral Communication

Three (3) credit hours


Three(3) credit hours


  • FOL 211 - Foreign Language III 3 Credit Hours
  • FOL 212 - Foreign Language IV 3 Credit Hours

Natural and Physical Sciences

Seven (7) credit hours


Twenty-three (23) credit hours selected from the AA approved course list can be found at Approved Electives Course List of AA Degrees and Course of Study .

Ten (10) Credit Hours

  • FOL 111 - Foreign Language I 5 Credit Hours
  • FOL 112 - Foreign Language II 5 Credit Hours

Thirteen (13) Credit Hours

Selected from the AA approved course list can be found at Approved Electives Course List of AA Degrees and Course of Study . Suggested courses include 200-level FOL courses and courses outside the chosen FOL department with content related to the FOL-speaking world.

Total Credit Hours: 60

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