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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Course Numbering System
Each course has a letter and a numeric code. The letters are an abbreviation for the subject. For instance, MAT indicates a mathematics course and ENG an English course.

Courses numbered 1000-1999 are usually considered freshman level. Sophomore courses are generally numbered between 2000 and 2999.

Course numbers and descriptions are subject to change.

Developmental Courses

Developmental courses are numbered from 0001 to 0999. These are courses that teach basic skills often required to complete other college work. Students may be referred to these courses if their placement test scores do not meet college minimum standards. Though developmental courses may be required to enter a program or enroll in other courses, they do not count toward a degree or certificate.

Independent Study

Independent study classes allow students to develop specialized course goals working independently with an instructor. In this type of class, students meet in person with an instructor and agree to an appropriate course of study to conduct an independent investigation of a problem. One credit hour is awarded for each two hours of contracted special study per week per semester. Enrollment requires approval of the appropriate division director and the chief instructional officer.

Off Campus Courses

Courses that originate at PPCC campuses and include travel to off-campus locations are considered by the institution to be resident courses.

Selected Topics

These courses are available in all disciplines under the 1075, 1077, 1076, 2075, 2076, 2077 series. Developmental courses are 0075, 0076, 0077. These courses meet temporary or special requirements for offerings not in the curriculum and explore the viability of adding the proposed course to the curriculum.

State-Guaranteed Curriculum

The State – Guaranteed Curriculum is a package of courses which will transfer to all public colleges and universities in Colorado (except School of Mines). The core package is part of the associate of arts and associate of science degrees. When transferred as a package, core courses will satisfy the lower division general education requirements for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences degrees provided they are completed with a grade of C or better.

Work Experience Courses

These courses are designed to improve employability and to expand the laboratory or shop capabilities of the institution through the use of community-based facilities. All work (field) experience courses include the following:

  • an instructor credentialed in the program area to supervise the off-campus instruction
  • activities designed by the instructor
  • student attendance at a minimum of one class session per week with the instructor
  • a training plan which includes assignments required for completion of the course
  • grading according to the established college grading policy
  • the same types of assignments and preparation as for on-campus courses.


   •  4 Credit Hour(s)
   •  4 Credit Hour(s)