May 31, 2023  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Administrative Staff

Officers of the College

President Lance Bolton
Vice President for Administrative Services Duane Risse
Vice President for Student Services Homer Wesley
Vice President for Instructional Services Joshua Baker

President’s Staff

Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Keith Barnes
Executive Director, Foundation Lisa James
Vice President for Human Resource Services Carlton Brooks
Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness Patricia Diawara
Executive Director of Marketing and Communications Warren Epstein

Instructional Services Staff

Associate Vice President of Academic Resources Jacquelyn Gaiters-Jordan
Associate Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Chelsy Harris


Business, Public Service and Social Sciences
  Dean Rob Hudson
  Associate Dean of Law, Public Safety, and Human Services John Brower
  Associate Dean of Business and Technology C. Dallas Pierce
Communications, Humanities, and Technical Studies
  Dean Frances Hetrick
  Associate Dean of Fine Arts and CTE Sharon Hogg
  Associate Dean of Humanities Benjy Davies
High School Programs/Workforce Development
  Associate Dean Janet Avion
Math and English
  Dean Joseph Southcott
  Associate Dean of Math Jeffrey Joles
  Associate Dean of English Audrey Hillyer
Medical Sciences
  Dean Montse Edie-Korleski
  Associate Dean of Nursing Amber Lippincott
Natural and Physical Sciences
  Dean Kristen Johnson
  Associate Dean Michael Madson


EMS Medical Director Jeremy DeWall
Emergency Services Administration Teresa Ward
Corporate and Workforce Training Ollie Mannino
Instructional Support Rose Angry
Law Enforcement Academy Cathy Labrecque
Learning Support Services Andrew Scott
Simulation Center Doug Murphy


Assistant Dean of High School Programs and Concurrent Enrollment Sharon Tunson
Assistant Director of Concurrent Enrollment Kourtney Goya
Assistant Director of Concurrent Enrollment Jenilee Williams
Assistant Director of Instructional Support for Perkins Abby Corcoran
Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Strategic Partnership Shonda Green
Assistant to the Dean of Academic Resources Stephanie Long
Assistant to the Dean of Business, Public Service, and Social Sciences Mara Pinell
Assistant to the Dean of Communications, Humanities, and Technical Studies Hettie Myers
Assistant to the Dean of Math and English Cheryll McLean
Assistant to the Vice President for Transfer, Articulation, and Advising Wayne Artis
Assistant to the Vice President of Instructional Services Keragan Ettleman


AHA Training Center Kenda Cruz
Career Pathways Joy Zincone
Clinical Coordinator Christine Johnson
Culinary Arts Lab  Christine Gaccetta-Sharp
Faculty Pay and Event Schedule Sylvia Whiteman
Faculty Pay and Training Tierra Martinez
Instructional Coordinator of Medical Sciences Steve Grippo
Lab Coordinator, Natural and Physical Sciences Stephanie Pauley
Nursing Simulation Lab, Medical Sciences Nadine Costandine

Administrative Services Staff


Auxiliary Services Lorelle Davies
Budget Services Alberto Teixeira
Chief Technology Officer Cyrille Parent
Procurement Rockie Hurrell
Facilities Maintenance and Operations  
Financial Services/Controller Michelle Fraser-Mills


Assistant Chief Technology Officer Fabrizio Labate
Assistant Director of Business Services Shae Farrar


Computer Assisted Instructional Lab Ernest Hughes
IT Asset Management and Software Compliance Coordinator Michael McCullough


Bookstore, Assistant Store Manager Stuart Hetzler
Bookstore, Copy and Print Operations Patrick Stalnaker
Bookstore, Course Materials Steve Dunn
Bookstore, General Manager Ryan Schnackel
Facilities & Operations, Capital Projects Mark Nash
Facilities & Operations, Operations Maintenance Roland Scobee
Facilities & Operations, Project Manager Daniel Malcolm
Facilities & Operations, Resource and Finance Manager Jo Walker
Financial Services, Accounting Angela Billings
Financial Services, Accounts Receivable Christine (Betty) Long
Financial Services, Payroll Barb Grusing
Financial Services, Restricted Funds Karen Agner
ITSS, Client Services Jack Hurney
ITSS, Client Services Robert Willis
ITSS, Customer Service Desk Mustafa Akcadogan
ITSS, IT Systems Manager Greg Mehlhose
ITSS, Manager of Audiovisual Services Carl Ellis
ITSS, Network Operations Manager Jami Everett

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Staff

Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs and Community Relations Ben Gallegos-Pardo

Foundation Staff

Assistant Director Jessica Knudtzon
Scholarship Coordinator/Ombuds Sarah Kitonsa

Human Resource Staff

Assistant Director of Human Resource Services Kim Hennessy
Human Resource Services Coordinator Lakisha Boggs
Human Resource Services Manager Michele Hodge
Manager of Development and Leadership Advancement Ashlee Dutton
Talent Acquisition Manager Patricia Padeway

Marketing & Communications Staff


Art and Graphic Design Noel Dolan
Communications Karen Kovaly
Marketing Project Manager Tamara Cannafax

Student Services Staff

Associate Vice President of Student Services Dawna Haynes
Dean of Students Nichole Pritchett-Hillard


Accessibility Services/CAC Maria Mesa
Admissions, Recruitment, and Enrollment Services Kevin Hudgens
Advising and Testing Lincoln Wulf
Child Development Center Jennifer Hopper
Counseling Center Yolanda Harris
Chief of Campus Police James Barrentine
Financial Aid Ronald Swartwood
Military and Veterans Programs Paul DeCecco
New Student Orientation and Strategic Student Services Initiatives Rachael Campbell
Registrar Twila Humphrey
Retention Sylvia Garcia
Student Life Ricardo Perez
TRIO Student Support Services Laura Mullane

Assistant Director

Advising and Testing Brook Koltun
Assistant Registrar Stephanie Snyder
Financial Aid Compliance and Fraud Rhonda Johnson
Financial Aid for Customer Service and Technology Kristina Moss
Military and Veterans Programs Gail Bicknell


Accommodative Testing Tor Nylander
Administrative Services Lorinda Brinson
CCAMPIS Grant Joneila Henselman
Child Development Center, CC Cynthia Davis
Child Development Center, RRC Myra Sprague
Emergency Services and Clery Compliance  Robin Widmar
New Student Orientation Megan Castro
Recreation and Wellness Carolyn Owen
Student Recruitment Zachary Lebsock
Student Services Communications Hannah McNamee
Student Support Amner Carmona Molina
Sustainability Konrad Schlarbaum


Enrollment Services Jennifer Morrison
Military and Veterans Programs Leona Lopez

Assistant Coordinators

Administrative Services for Advising and Testing Meghann Austin
Child Development Center, CC Carrie Duncan
Child Development Center, CC Kendra Martin
Child Development Center, RRC Michele Elthorp
Testing Center Luisa Rincon