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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

Centennial Campus • A-210 • 502-2522
Downtown Studio Campus • DO-N106b • 502-2538
Rampart Range Campus • S-207 • 502-2577


The Student Activities Office offers a full schedule of cultural, wellness, arts, and topical events aimed at enriching student life on campus. Some examples of past events are; De-Stress Fest, Label Jars Not People, Multicultural Awareness Conference, Casino Night, International Festival, Tables of Brotherhood and Film Screenings. These events are either stand-alone or co-curricular, teaming up with Faculty to enhance learning outside of the classroom. Lifestyle activities include blood drives and personal growth focused programs. Student Activities includes a focus on inclusive programming such as; Black History Month, Indigenous History Month, LatinX History Month, Women’s History Month , Asian/Pacific Islander History Month and LGBTQIA History Month. Current events are covered with a wide range of speakers, panels, forums and workshops. The Student Activities Office invites your ideas and participation. Please call 502-2091 for more information.

Campus Center

Centennial Campus houses a campus center, called The Grove, where student faculty and staff can relax and build community. This facility is “home away from home” where one can find a lounge area, study space, TV, free Wi-Fi, music and games. Student Government is located across the hall. Student Life Offices are located here. The Downtown Studio and Rampart Range Campuses each house student space for lounges, study areas, activities, vending machines and Student Life.

Mission Statement: Student Life invests in student success by building community through programs, services and environments that inspire learning, promote personal growth, and foster responsible citizenship.

ID Cards

Every PPCC student needs a photo Student Identification Card. A properly validated Student ID Card enables students to use the Library to check out materials or use the computer lab or other services. It also entitles students to free or reduced admission to student plays, dances, events, and other activities.

Students may obtain a Student ID Card their first semester at PPCC at the Campus Center Info Desk at Centennial, the Downtown Studio or Rampart Range Campuses. This ID is valid for the student’s entire career at PPCC. If the ID Card is lost, students can obtain a replacement ID for a charge. Proof of identification such as a driver’s license, photo ID, etc., is required for all new and replacement IDs.

Other Photo ID’s. The Student Life office will also produce special ID’s for nursing practicum students, Fitness Center members, etc. upon special arrangement for a nominal charge.

Recreation and Wellness

Centennial Campus • A-262 • 502-2555

The Recreation and Wellness Office is in the Centennial Campus Fitness Center/Gymnasium. The Fitness Center is a state-of-the-art cardiovascular/weight training facility with full functional training areas and much more. The facility has computerized bicycles and treadmills; a weight lifting circuit, elliptical trainers, AMTs; stair stepper, C2 rowers, AirDynes, bench press, squat stations, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and much more.

The gymnasium is open for recreation use by students and staff as long as academic classes are not taking place. Open gym activities include basketball, volleyball and spikeball. The recreation program includes monthly challenges, recreational tournaments, wellness events and outdoor equipment rentals. The office schedules/coordinates the gymnasium, track and soccer field.

PPCC has three independent sports teams. Co-ed soccer, martial arts, and volleyball teams that compete in recreation leagues. The club sports teams are housed at the Centennial Campus in the Recreation and Wellness Office. For more information about the athletic programs, call 502-2555.

The Fitness Center/Gymnasium are open to all currently enrolled students. A brief orientation and Student ID are required to gain access to the facility. If you have any questions please contact office at 502-2555.

Student Clubs and Organizations

More than 20 active student clubs and organizations are available on campus. Some are active relative to an academic/professional area such as Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), Club America Sign Language (CASL), Nurses Organization (PPCCANS) and Student Veterans of America (SVA), etc. Others are related to activities/interests such as basketball, skiing. Still others are active along multicultural/ethnic interest lines, such as Japanese Culture Club, Multicultural Student Union, etc. Involvement in clubs and organizations is a great way to meet students, to learn and practice leadership skills, and to gain a sense of belonging and loyalty to PPCC.

Student Government

Participation in Student Government is a great way to strengthen leadership skills. Student leaders work on various issues affecting students and allocate student activity fees to enhance campus life. Student Government is composed of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer; 12 senators; and a State Student Advisory Council representative.

Elections are held during spring term. The executive officers are elected during spring term. All elections are now done via an online ballot, watch your student e-mail accounts for information.

Office of Sustainability

Common at most universities, Pikes Peak Community College is the first and only community college in Colorado to have an Office of Sustainability. The Office is supported by the Green Campus Fee, which students voted in favor of in 2010 and 2016. Students pay $0.37 per credit hour for a sustainability coordinator and modest budget. The mission of the Office of Sustainability is to provide educational opportunities for students to learn about sustainability. The sustainability coordinator, along with student staff, accomplish the mission by:

  1. Managing the recycling and garden programs;
  2. Collaborating with community organizations;
  3. Consulting staff and faculty in all areas at the college; and,
  4. Planning a full schedule of events and activities each semester.

The Green Campus Fee will be voted on again by the students during the Spring Semester 2021. To learn more about sustainability, The Office of Sustainability, and how to get connected, please visit your campuses’ Student Life Office and ask for Konrad Schlarbaum. You can also visit our website: